Terminator: Dark Fate is What Happens When a Franchise Doesn’t Know How To End

Hollywood has a franchise problem and it’s bordering on addiction. It seems that you can’t see a movie stand alone on its own merits without the money-making machine that is the film industry essentially see a reason to expand on the storyline and essentially make a killing at the box office. It’s been taken to such an extreme that even side characters have received their own movies and entire universes have been constructed around a premise.

The last Terminator movie that I found myself seeing (because it was not my choice but I was outnumbered) was here Cialis 10 Mg Cost Comparison go ap us dbq essay examples see url cadbury easter egg hunt 2018 essex https://chicagocounseling.org/6923-sample-topic-c-essay/ https://chanelmovingforward.com/stories/100-free-essay/51/ homework help forums optometry personal statement thesis about beauty pageant https://vaccinateindiana.org/results-of-using-viagra-4773/ http://www.cresthavenacademy.org/chapter/data-collection-methods-in-case-study-research/26/ deltasone side effects https://childrenofthecaribbean.org/plan/casella-berger-homework-solutions/05/ see url thesis statement construction click professional writing services calgary convergence thesisВ https://lajudicialcollege.org/forall/traduction-essays-on-punning-and-translation/16/ who moved my cheese essay help thesis statement in your conclusion cheap admission essay writers for hire gb https://eagfwc.org/men/where-is-the-cheapest-place-to-buy-viagra-online/100/ https://grad.cochise.edu/college/thesis-about-social-media-addiction/20/ essay editing ideas how to quote an essay go vorticism pound essay term paper writing service reviews ed pills Rise of the Machines and it was pretty dull. How many times can a villainous robot come back from what is sure fire destruction to yet again give relentless chase to the same tired characters who continue to flee is anyone’s guess. However, the story, who in its first incarnation made for a sharp concept, continues to be retold and retold, bring Arnold back to utter a variation of his famous line, snore, eye-roll, and people still go and eat this up.

It’s not that I don’t like the concept. When James Cameron did his follow up he managed to out-do himself in bringing a haunted Linda Hamilton and a more sympathetic Arnold to clash, them become reluctant members of the same team as a truly frightening Robert Patrick paves a path of sheer destruction that made Arnold’s seem quaint by comparison. The thing is, the story seemed poised to end there. Whoever decided to take the next step would have to bring something fresh into the mix.

And that’s the problem. That hasn’t happened. Not in Rise of the Machines nor in the latest iteration, which somehow manages to go the path of the Halloween reboot and pretend that the previous episodes didn’t exist. In Dark Fate, John Connor still does but in a way that seems just clumsy retconning. Of course, the movie has to tell some kind of story and it now focuses its attention on another young person. Daniella Ramos (Natalia Reyes) is a cute young thing who doesn’t have a clue the forces that have been set against her. Like the first movie, a liquid terminator called a Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna, who plays his part with echoes of Robert Patrick) has been sent to come after Daniella. On the heels of the Rev-9 is an augmented human appropriately named Grace who’s quite the mofo and Mackenzie Davis, clearly an actress on the rise in the style of Charlize Theron, plays the fuck out of this character.

You can basically guess the story from here except that it throws in not one but two unnecessary additions into the very basic plot. The first arrives early as a haggard Linda Hamilton who, like Jamie Lee Curtis’ character in Halloween, has become a one-woman terminator hunter and has no time to waste because of course, she’s been in the plot enough to know. The second, which is actually quite touching, is Arnold’s entry into the story which comes in late. I’m guessing that the stunt casting was made to point at the start and give the story some kind of resonance but Hamilton plays her part so shrill, and Arnold’s presence has been dulled down so much that it sputters even before it can take off.

So, in the end, we’re left with a story that is as rote as it is perfunctory. It’s pretty sad considering that the original concept which played with time held so much promise but as I stated earlier, this is what happens when a franchise has lost its meaning and solely exists to fill in seats at a multiplex for its debut week.

Terminator: Dark Fate is available on all streaming platforms. See it if at all for completion purposes. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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