2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


Horror comes to an unnamed highway in the American desert in this somewhat unbalanced but average anthology. There are a couple of inspired elements here — instead of taking the usual route of terminating a segment, titles and all, and starting the next one (as in chapters), it uses one character from one to place him (or her) in the next. One of the more effective stories is the second segment, where three female band members stumble onto a devil worshiping family (all who seem like rejects from a terrible dress-up version of Mad Men and enunciate their lines so badly you can almost spot the cue cards just off-screen). One of them manages to make it to the next thread only to have a rather fatal encounter with a reckless driver who in calling 911 for help gets a rather sinister request from the person on the other line. Somewhat more effective is the following story that takes off where the third segment ends and follows the disembodied voice operator from the third segment into a bar I’d rather not go into.

Southbound is has moments of retro-horror reminiscent of Cinemax / HBO-made movies from the late 80s and early 90s complete with chintzy special effects, cardboard acting, and the ever omniscient Narrator (here played by Larry Fessenden). It’s not bound to make any waves, but should suffice for a Friday evening in front of the TV when nothing else happens to be on.

Southbound is available on VOD via iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.